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How Do Solar Panels Work to Generate Electricity For Your Home?

The sun is one of our greatest resources and it’s there waiting for the technology and need to harness the energy that is trapped within it’s powerful beams of light. The technology for solar energy panels exists and the need is arriving quickly. Solar energy is the way to go. For a few hundred dollars you can begin your journey to energy independence.

Solar panels can range in cost from very inexpensive to light your driveway to thousands of dollars. But before we get into the process, you may be asking the question, how do solar panels work to generate electricity for your home?

Power Generation Unobstructed southern exposure and south-western exposure are the most efficient location on your solar panels. This will ensure that they receive as much of the sun’s energy as possible. Once the sunlight hits the solar panels which are made of photovoltaic cells, a reaction is triggered that converts the sun’s solar energy into electric energy. Ensure that you have secured brackets on your roof to insert the panels. After the brackets are installed then insert the solar panels and connect them to each other in an array. When all the panels are in place a conduit should be installed to run the connecting wire to the grid connect inverter. There is no need to connect batteries to your solar panel system unless you wish to store energy for use in the event of a blackout. The installation being discussed here is to connect directly into the power grid. This is good news for you because if you are using the solar energy panels your meter will literally run backward and many power companies will credit you for the energy they are using from your system and thus allowing you to draw free energy if you ever need it to. It’s a win-win situation.  

After the grid connects the inverter is hooked up to the solar panels it then needs to also be hooked into the main breaker box of your home.  If you expect to get the government allowed rebates it is necessary to get a licensed electrician to hook you into the power grid.  Also, consider the dangerous high voltage and currents that are running through the breaker box.  If you know electricity and do not care about the rebates, it can be done yourself. When you have the solar panels connected to your home you will be living off Nature as was intended.

Imagine the freedom of not having your power company dictate how to use electricity in your home. Are you not tired of being worried about how much your bill will be in the summer and winter seasons? Think of the extra cash you could have and how your life and your family’s life could be different.

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Written by: Muna Chongo

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